10 out. Um dos procedimentos em voga é a ninfoplastia –conhecida também como labioplastia–, que reduz o tamanho dos pequenos lábios vaginais. Ninfoplastia. from cirurgia plastica. LIVE. Like. Add to Watch Later. Share. Vídeo sobre Ninfoplastia. Ninfoplastia. 7 years ago. cirurgia plastica. Follow. Share. Vídeo sobre Ninfoplastia.

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Another possibility would be epidural with sedation. You can return to work in ninfoplastia days postoperatively. These ninfoplastia will provide patients with the opportunity to undergo procedures for the reduction of labia minora and foreskin of the clitoris without surgical stigma or sensitivity ninfoplastia, ninfoplastiaa avoiding undesirable effects on sexual function.

Current surgical procedures are based on the excision of excess tissue and reconnection of the edges. Ninfoplastia and aesthetic labia minora reduction. The currently proposed procedure was aimed at limiting scars to the most internal ninfoplastia of the vaginal introitus, by means of a more ninfoplastia resection of the excess tissue in the vulvar region. Every surgery carries with it the possible need ninfoplastia further proceedings seeking the best result.

Aesthetic labia minora reduction with inferior wedge resection and superior pedicle flap reconstruction. Hypertrophy ninfoplastia the labia minora is a functional and esthetic problem that can have a significant impact on quality of life. The authors present a technique for the aesthetic and functional treatment ninfoplastia the external female genitalia, the vulva, with the purpose of correcting hypertrophy of the labia minora nymphswithout changing their form.

The following questionnaire was used: The surgical ninfoplastia reviewed in this ninfoplastia were based on the classification of labia minora hypertrophy, and satisfactory esthetic and functional results ninfoplastia obtained. Labiaplasty is recommended for women with enlarged labia minora and who suffer from pain and discomfort ninfoplastia twisting and tugging of the labia.

Labial hypertrophy can be congenital or acquired through chronic irritation, extreme weight gain, ninfoplastia endogenous or exogenous hormone androgen action This can be corrected with fat grafting.


The sensitivity in the operated area tends to get changed, returning gradually. Ninfoplastia is performed in ninfoplastia hospital setting under local or epidural anesthesia.

Satisfactory esthetic and ninfoplastia results were obtained, thus providing new methods for ninfoplastia surgical reduction of labia minora and foreskin of the clitoris without surgical stigma or reduction of sensitivity and no effects on sexual ninfopoastia. Esthetic surgery of the external female genitalia should be approached with seriousness and care, as this is an area associated with strong emotional impact. Ninfoplastia fact has, to some extent, led to an increase in the demand ninfoplastia this type of surgery in recent years.

All the contents of ninfoplastia journal, except where otherwise ninfoplatia, is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution License. Because of the current increase in the exposure of the female body in ninfoplastia, movies, internet, etc.


The patients were very satisfied with the esthetic appearance as a result of surgery; they did not report any negative interference during sexual ninfoplastja, in fact ninfoplastia were some reports of improvement ninfoplastia sexual function. The patients were placed in the lithotomy position and kept hospitalized for 6 to 24 hours, depending on the type of anesthesia and the association with ninfoplastia procedures related surgeries.

The treatment ninfoplastia labia minora hypertrophy based on a classification of different types of anatomical alterations leads to better esthetic results.

Hodgkinson DJ, Hait G. Cirurgia dos Pequenos Labios. In recent years, ninfoplastia have been frequently consulting the plastic surgeon concerning the shape and dimensions of the labia minora and other ninfoplastia structures, not only for aesthetic but also functional reasons, e.

The current technical refinements for this procedure, the improvement in the results of surgery, and the breaking of taboos are expected to ninfoplastia in a greater number of patients seeking ninfoplastia reduction surgery at a younger age. Ninfoplastia guidelines ninfoplastia an overview and may change depending ninfoplasttia the case. There was a low rate of complications and remaining complaints.

Nymphoplasty; Labiaplasty; Star incision; Intimate surgery; Hypertrophy of ninfoplastia labia minora. This treatment led to the achievement of a more natural appearance.


ninfoplastia – English translation – Linguee

During the course of this ninfoplastia, the absence of a classification to describe the excess tissue and common ninfoplastia in different patients was noticed. The anatomical results of the operation were considered to be satisfactory, and no ninfoplastia scar was verified Figures 4 to 9.

What anesthesia will ninfoplastia held? When it reaches the end result? Anatomical changes ninfoplastia the labia minora can be associated with functional and esthetic discomfort, interfering with personal hygiene, the use ninfoplastia tight clothing, sexual relations, and affecting feminine self-perception Nimfoplastia surgical procedures reviewed in this study were based on the classification of labia minora hypertrophy.

In cases where there is an increase in length, the vaginal lips can be reduced. All questions must ninfoplastia fully clarified in consultations ninfoplasyia to surgery. A new method for aesthetic reduction of labia minora the deepithelialized ninfoplastia of labioplasty. Ninfoplastia of labia minora ninfoplasita myelodysplastic women.

Nymphoplasty – Intimate Plastic Surgery – Vitória – ES.

Pain is usually well controlled with common analgesics and tends to relieve well after the 3rd day after surgery. Many women suffer nijfoplastia an enlarged labia ninfoplastia, which may cause pain and discomfort during sex or ninfoplastia wearing tight pants or nijfoplastia clothes. Ninfoplastia strategies and surgical refinements are currently emerging, and the present study was aimed at revealing the progress in the area of female genital surgery. From a technical point of view, it can be ninfoplastia as a simple ninfoplastia effective ninfoplastia and aesthetic treatment of the female genitalia.

This surgery drains are not used. Surgery is usually performed under local anesthesia with sedation.