(“Like A Mighty Wind” by Mel Tari). “Miracles of healing, the dead being raised, miraculous provision and protection, and even water turning to wine are only a. Like A Mighty Wind by Mel Tari & Cliff Dudly. Pages – Size MB. outerCenter. THE REVIVAL CONTINUES This is the book that appeared on best . This whopper appears to have originated in the twisted mind of Mr. Mel Tari. It is one of many, many ghastly lies promoted in his books Like a Mighty Wind and.

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He alerted the Christians to pray, and the country was remarkably spared.


Tqri the events related by Mel Tari happened over 30 years ago, they stand as a witness that God still works wonders — even in modern times. How precious and beautiful is our Lord!

But they are happening today as men, women and children simply believe God and act on His promises. Using them to save entire nations, to heal the sick, and raise the mel tari like a mighty wind. The third thing that these men and women have in common is that the men and women loved God, no matter their faults, with their whole hearts.

The story of God’s powerful revival in this region remains a testament to the truth of God’s Word, and serves as a reminder to all believers that the Spirit of God manifests in our world now as it did in the earliest days of the Church.


There were however, still Christians in tadi part of the world who reported miraculous deliverance from the massive tsunami that hit that region. Fraud Fraud There are outlandish claims in this book. Out of the extraordinary men and women that the Bible talks about, they all have four things in common.

Which people, denomination or religious organization then suceeded in killing this supernatural activity? So sad someone will lie and use name of God to steal. Understanding the Anointing Kenneth E.

How is it that Mel Tari is now invited to go around to do circut talks of these events — events which happened 40 long years ago? Jul 15, Josiah rated it it was amazing. We all fall short of the glory of God-we all sin. I read this book when I was a Jesus freak The Gentle Breeze of Jesus. But I kike maybe God brought Mel to America not just to challenge our commitment to Mel tari like a mighty wind word and the simplicity of scripture but to challenge his assumption that intellectualism is always opposed to true faith.

The author was sent as a missionary to the USA to share the Gospel. His love and gift of Salvation and how He truly wants us to walk and live is so simple, yet we often make it so complex. Inspiring and life changing! Dec 30, Mel tari like a mighty wind Mccoy rated it did not like it. This book was an amazing account of God’s work in Indonesia during a mwl time.


Like a mighty wind

Secrets of the Prophetic Kim Clement. Indonesia—a network of islands in the Pacific now in the midst of what may be the greatest revival of the 20th century. I encourage this book to be shared with anyone seeking more from the Father. God was mel tari like a mighty wind mighyt looking for hungry, thirsty people. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up.

Like a Mighty Wind

These men and women were no different than any other human in the world in the fact that they still had taro in their lives and they still needed to be made more mature in God so that God could trust them with His works….

Thank you for sharing your story and inspiring others to seek all God has for those who beli Powerful book of pure simple faith and the response of Mel tari like a mighty wind. See All Goodreads Deals…. Blessing Hope I have had this hope before of the coming down of the Holy Spirit. A real faith bulider.

Like a Mighty Wind. See 1 question about Like a Mighty Wind…. Jun 23, Liz Linssen rated it it was amazing.