Points, m, LongJ, ShotP, HighJ, m, mH, Discus, PoleV, Javelin, m. , 9,50, , 21,60, , 42,37, 12,34, 65,57, , 90,10, , , 9. More Heptathlon. Heptathlon points counter · Heptathlon More Decathlon. Decathlon points counter Decathlon points table. Points +50; Points +; Points. This is a detailed analysis of the complex workings of the new. Decathlon scoring tables. The aulhor first examines the changes caused by the introduction of this.

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Recathlon this illustrates the basic difficulty with points systems of any sort — there is always a subjective element that could have been chosen differently.

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The decathlon consists of ten track and field events spread over two days. An improvement in the m by from If you want to coach a successful decathlete, start with a big strong sprint hurdler and build up strength and technical ability for the throws later. Performances in these events are decathlon scoring tables highly correlated with flat-out sprinting speed.

As an exercise, we could consider a simple change that is motivated by physics. The list for the best results all time is available on IAAF’s site.

Decathlon Scoring System & Formula: How Does it Work?

Archived from the original on 28 September By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Decathlon Decathlon is a combined event in athletics with ten events.


Decathlon scoring tables the years following the implementation of the tables, controversy arose, in regard to the highly progressive character of the tables. If manual timing is used 0. It is measured in seconds for track events, in meters for throwing events and in centimeters for jumping events.

The point system is based on the result not decathlon scoring tables position in the event.

Decathlon scoring tables – Wikipedia

The distances here are all in metres and the times in seconds. Calculate points Calculate results. This page was last edited on 26 Octoberat Most importantly, the points achieved for each of the 10 events are then added together to give the total score. Archived from the original PDF on 11 July By the decathlon scoring tables s, more problems had been pointed out tablez the then-current scoring decathlon scoring tables.

Each performance is awarded a predetermined number of points according to a set of performance tables. Register for our mailing list.

Event pts m To support decathlon scoring tables aim, members of the Decathlon scoring tables team work in a wide range of capacities, including providing professional development for teachers wishing to embed rich mathematical tasks into everyday classroom practice.

You score zero points for a distance equal to or less than B. The rapid evolution of the scoring tables decahhlon results to vary widely. How it effects the calculation is explained below.


No decathletes bother much with m preparation and rely on general distance running training. There is an interesting pattern in the decathlon formulae that change the distances and times achieved into points.

The actual scoring points tables that are used scorig far more information about decatulon athletic performances than the simple ST formula we have invented.

How to Use the Calculator?: The Decathlon scoring tables working committee therefore met in in Prague to develop improved tables, putting forth the following nine principles, which still stand today: You can calculate points from results or results from points.

A, B and C in the decathlon scoring tables are taken from a table.

USATF – Statistics – Calculators – Combined Events Scoring

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Event A B C m Retrieved from ” https: The power index C is decathlon scoring tables 1. All of the earliest attempts at formalizing decathlon scoring, from the first formal submission prepared by the U.