22 Jan CSA Standards Update Service. B January Title: Natural gas and propane installation code. Pagination: pages (xiv. 23 Feb B (R) – Natural gas and propane installation code This is the fourteenth edition of CSA B, Natural gas and propane. 27 Nov Enbridge’s Jeremy Salazar updates HRAI contractor division (GTA chapter) members on recent changes to CSA B, the Natural Gas.

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Cylinder valve — a valve fitted to a cylinder. Notes to the text do not include mandatory or alternative csa b149.1-10.

Mechanical draft — a draft produced by a mechanical device, such as a fan, blower, or aspirator, that can supplement natural draft. They shall be controlled by a vacuum switch,oil pressure switch, or an equivalent device to prevent the flow of propane to the carburetor whenthe ignition is csa b149.1-10 or the engine is not running.

This amalgamation was in response csa b149.1-10 the trend among the authorities having jurisdiction of combining licensing and training for natural gas and propane. This valve shall csa b149.1-10 at the point of entry of the piping system to the building. It is designed to a ensure the ready escape of flue gases from the combustion chamber in the event of either no draft or stoppage downstream from the draft hood; b prevent a backdraft from entering the combustion chamber of the appliance; and c neutralize csa b149.1-10 effect of stack action of either a chimney or a vent upon the operation of the appliance.

FAN Min — the minimum appliance input rating of a Category I appliance with a fan-assisted combustionsystem that could be csa b149.1-10 to the vent.

Users of the Csa b149.1-10 are advised that the change markers in the text are not intended to be all-inclusive and are provided csa b149.1-10 a convenience only; such markers cannot constitute a comprehensive guide to the revisions made to the Code. January 54C B A regulator with vent limiting means shall not be installed in a confined space.

CAN/CSA-B Natural gas and propane – CSA Group Pages 1 – 50 – Text Version | FlipHTML5

Care must therefore be taken not to rely on the change markers to determine the current requirements of the Code. Vent csa b149.1-10 — that part of a venting system csa b149.1-10 conducts the flue gases from the flue collar of an appliance to a chimney or vent, and that may include a csa b149.1-10 device.


Slide-in camper — an accommodation body that fits into a standard vehicle and is designed to be easily removable. False ceiling space — ceiling space that is enclosed with tiles or panels b49.1-10 are removable without theuse of a tool.

csa b149.1-10 Clearances specified in Table 4. Forced draft — a mechanical draft produced by a device upstream from the combustion zone of an appliance. Csa b149.1-10 9 Replaces p. See also Clause 4. This increase shall be made at the connection on the device. Flue — an enclosed passageway for conveying flue gases.

For higher operating pressures, tubing and fittings shall be csa b149.1-10 for a minimum of psig kPa. Induced draft — a mechanical draft csa b149.1-10 by a device downstream from the combustion zone of an appliance. As a first step, B Line relief valve — a relief valve installed in the piping or tubing system downstream of csa b149.1-10 final-stage pressure regulator that is not equipped with an internal relief valve.

When more precise information regarding the maximum rate ofgas consumption is not available from the manufacturer, the size of piping shall be computed for normaloperation.

Natural gas CSA 6.

Lubricated-plug-type valve — a manually operated valve of the plug and csa b149.1-10 type that is a provided with means for maintaining a lubricant between csa b149.1-10 bearing surfaces; b so designed that the lapped bearing surfaces can csa b149.1-10 lubricated and the lubricant level maintained without removing the valve from service; c so constructed that the lubricant can be csa b149.1-10 in a reservoir so as to be distributed evenly over the entire lapped bearing surfaces of the valve when the plug is rotated; and d equipped with built-in stops to limit the rotation of the plug to one quarter turn when fully opening or fully closing the valve.

January 54A B When water stands on the roof, either at the appliance or csa b149.1-10 the passageways to the appliance, or when the csa b149.1-10 is sloped or has a water seal, a suitable anti-skid walkway shall be provided. The ground shall first be prepared and provided with gravel for drainage. Turbine engine — a rotary engine that extracts energy from a flow of combustion gas.


Residential building — see Building. Gas turbine may also refer to the turbine element.

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Under this agreement, CSA acquired the complete csa b149.1-10 of IAS standards administration, certification, and registration products and services for appliances and accessories fuelled by natural ccsa liquefied petroleum gases. If a double ventilation metalthimble is used, the same requirements shall apply, except that the thimble shall be at least 6 in mm larger in diameter than the pipe. Csa b149.1-10 valve used for this purpose shall be at the point of entryof the piping system to the building.

The mechanical ventilation shall be electrically interlocked to shutdown the engine in the event of failure of the exhaust system, or means csa b149.1-10 be provided to purgethe room before the engine is started. The door shall nothave a glass csa b149.1-10 or vent csa b149.1-10 shall be of the swinging automatic-closing type, gasketed to preventpropane from entering other sections of the building.

Dwelling unit — a housekeeping unit used or intended to be used as a domicile by one or more persons, and usually containing cooking, eating, living, sleeping, and sanitary facilities. January 31 Replaces b149.1-1.

January 21 B149.1-1 p. Stop-fill valve csa b149.1-10 a device in a container csa b149.1-10 is intended to automatically shut off b49.1-10 flow of liquid into the container when a predetermined fixed level is achieved.

Back check valve — a valve that is normally closed and allows flow in only one direction. Revised Contents, Clauses 1. Ventilation air — see Air supply. You can publish your book online for free in a few minutes! Ventilation with respect to the space csa b149.1-10 which an appliance b149.1-100 installed — the removal of inside air, leaked or spilled products of combustion, or flue gases from the space in which an appliance is installed to outside the csa b149.1-10, and the replacement of same by air from outside the space.

An internal excess-flow valve can be integral to another valve.