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Robert Burns was a famous Scottish poet and lyricist.

Изначально многие произведения Бёрнса создавались как песни, были переработкой или писались на мелодию народных песен. Поэзия Бёрнса проста, ритмична и музыкальна, не случайно и в русском переводе многие стихи ложились на музыку. Поэзия Роберта Бёрнса получила широкую популярность в СССР благодаря переводам Маршака. Роберт Бёрнс Прощай, Элиза. Прощай, Элиза, уезжаю! Покину брег родной. Robert Burns was a famous Scottish poet and lyricist, who was also known as the national poet of Scotland. Read more about his life and works in the following article. … Robert Burns was a famous Scottish poet and lyricist. Also known as Rabbie Burns , or Scotland’s favorite son, Burns is often credited as the national poet of Scotland and is the best known Scottish language poet till date. Burns is also considered as the pioneer of the Romantic Movement. He is also known to inspire the founders of both liberalism and socialism. Robert Burns Poetry Collection from Famous Poets and Poems . … Robert Burns Poems . Back to Poet Page. Sort by: Views | Alphabetically. Total Poems : 579. 1. A Red, Red Rose.

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A list of poems by Robert Burns . … A poem written in 1771-9 and performed by Jonathan Watson. A Poet ‘s Welcome To His Love Begotten Daughter. “Thou’s welcome, wean; mishanter fa’ me, …” A poem written in 1784 and performed by John Gordon Sinclair. A Prayer in the Prospect of Death. “O Thou unknown, Almighty Cause …” A poem written in 1781 and performed by Brian Cox. A Prayer, Under the Pressure of violent Anguish. “O Thou Great Being! What Thou art …” ✅ Читать стихи автора Роберт Бернс на сайте РуСтих. Все стихотворения о любви и детях, природе и родине великого поэта классика. … Имя и творчество Роберта Бёрнса особо почитается не только в Англии и Шотландии, но также и по всему миру. Он стал известен благодаря своим многочисленным стихам и поэмам, написанным в равнинном шотландском и английском языках. Тематика стихов Роберта Бёрнса : Баллады; Стихи о любви; Короткие стихи. Burns poetry led him the people to refer to him as the Bard of Ayrshire, the Ploughman Poet and, simply, The Bard. Burns ’ works are celebrated each year on his birthday with Burns Suppers — a ritual of readings and one of Burns ’ favorite meals, Haggis. Here, in the original Scots dialect, is Address to a Haggis, which is one of the many poems read during a Burns Supper. Address to a Haggis by Robert Burns . Influences. On Robert Burns ‘s poetry

Robert Burns.

Burns Cottage, Burns Monument, Burns Museum, Brig O’Doon, Auld Kirk o’ Alloway, and the Tam O’Shanter Experience. Official site for THE Burns trail at Alloway. Click here… Burns Links. Classified links to the best Burns resources around. Click here… Robert Burns , national poet of Scotland, who wrote lyrics and songs in Scots and in English. He was also famous for his amours and his rebellion against orthodox religion and morality. He is perhaps best known for writing most of the modern version of the song ‘Auld Lang Syne.’ … Emeritus Professor of English, University of Sussex, Brighton, England. Author of Robert Burns ; Robert Burns and His World; R.L. Stevenson and His World. Last Updated: Jan 21, 2021 See Article History. Роберт Бёрнс (1759 -1796) считается одним из самых значимых и известных персонажей шотландской литературы. Для шотландцев он такая же важная фигура на поэтическом поприще, как, например А.С. Пушкин для нас. И как оказалось, жизнь многих влиятельных людей в данной сфере не столь легка и беззаботна, как может показаться. Примечательно то, что оба поэта умерли в возрасте 37 лет.

Самый известный из шотландских поэтов.

Robert Burns (25 January 1759 — 21 July 1796) was a Scottish poet.

Robert Burns poems, quotations and biography on Robert Burns poet page. Read all poems of Robert Burns and infos about Robert Burns . … Burns , sometimes known as the ‘ploughman poet ‘, was the eldest son of a poverty-stricken farmer. Though his father had moved to Ayrshire, where Burns was born, in order to attempt to improve his fortunes, he eventually died as a bankrupt — after taking on first one farm and then, unsuccessful, moving to another — in 1784. Robert, who had been to sc … Read More. Robert Burns (25 January 1759 — 21 July 1796) was a Scottish poet , often considered the national poet of Scotland. In 2009 he was voted by the public as being the Greatest Scot, through a vote run by Scottish television channel STV. Burns was born near Ayr, the son of William Burness or Burns , a small farmer, and a man of considerable force of character and self-culture. His youth was passed in poverty, hardship, and a degree of severe manual labour which left its traces in a premature stoop and… Poet Robert Burns is considered one of the most famous characters of Scotland’s cultural history. He is best known as a pioneer of the Romantic movement. Who Was Robert Burns ? Poet Robert Burns began life as a poor tenant farmer but was able to channel his intellectual energy into poetry and song to become one of the most famous characters of Scotland’s cultural history.

Роберт Бернс (25 января 1759 — 21 июля 1796).