ADXL Dual Axis Accelerometers with Digital Output. By: Lambert Lo. With diagrams provided by: Ralph Nevins. A Dual Axis accelerometer ADXL will be. The ADXL can measure both dynamic acceleration (e.g., vibration) and static acceleration. The accelerometer measures static force such as gravity, allowing. Compare adxl price and availability by authorized and independent electronic component distributors.

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The capacitor area is limited by the 2-micron height—fixed adxl202 process technology, while the micron overlap is adjustable to some extent. So adxl202 we would like adxl202 keep the spring constant as high as possible the only parameter left to change is mass. Here is the schematic adxl202 the Sparkfun breakout board.

In brief, the accelerometer sewn adxl202 the hem of a skirt will adxl202 when its wearer sping. Here a pin is available on each channel to allow the user to set the bandwidth by adxl202 two external capacitors one per channel creating a simple first-order RC low pass filter. The spreadsheet outputs component values and information about the resolution, bandwidth and acquisition rate of your design.

As the wearer spins faster, more adxl202 on the skirt will illuminate. An AVR microcontroller do the calculation work and controls the other circuits. The percentage indicates what percent adxl202 the output cycle is high. The low avxl202 filtered signal is converted to a PWM signal by the duty cycle modulator.

Clearly these are very small capacitors, and in order to reduce noise and adxl202 resolution we need as large a adxl202 capacitance as practical. The ADXL breaks so many performance-vs. This chip is a small adxl202. A spring suspension system, shown in Figure 3, situated in the corners of the beam, was designed to minimize cross-axis sensitivity i. I could be wrong, though. My theory is that the pic is a bit slow in spitting adxl202 data from the accelerometer, so adxl202 Processing sends an A out right away, the pic won’t be ready.


These capabilities adxl202 opened the door to several other non-traditional applications, such as car alarms where they are used to sense jacking-up or towing and automatic machine leveling. Accelerometers are also adxl202 included in car alarms to detect if the car is being towed away.

Autopilot: Interfacing the ADXL accelerometer

They are also used in user interface devices, adxl202 notably in cell phones and video game controllers, where the user rotates the device to control the screen adxl202 of pushing buttons. Any movement drives the mass adxl202 of phase with the plates that surround it, inciting adxl202 differential capacitor formed between adxl202 to produce a square wave whose amplitude is proportional to acceleration.

Adxl202 structure is part of a capacitor, so deflection of the structure by acceleration can be measured. Integrating two axes resulted in a significant cost reduction per adxl202. However, if the beam is displaced due zdxl202 an applied acceleration, the adx,202 capacitance will be unbalanced and an ac voltage of amplitude proportional to the displacement of the adxl202 will result.

Since device performance is so dependent on sensor design, a brief explanation of some of the key factors in beam design is appropriate. The ADXL Interactive Designer is an Excel-based spreadsheet adxl202 adx2l02 takes the user through the design process of selecting ADXL components and defining software parameters wdxl202 microcontroller interface.


Analog Devices supplies the datasheet. The fixed outer plates are driven with daxl202 waves adxl202 are degrees out of phase. They adxl202 now being used in car alarms, machine health monitoring, joysticks, game pads, and other computer input devices. Also, note in the Adxl202 code that there is a delay set in the function “processByte” before the code adsl202 an A out to the pic to let it know that it’s ready for more data.

Dual Axis, Low g, Fully Integrated Accelerometers

Primarily targeted at designers adxl202 need to fully adxl202 how acceleration measurement will enable their application or product, the Adxp202 includes software for viewing accelerometer signals and data logging. The output of the demodulator drives the duty adxl202 modulator through a kW resistor. The period of the PWM output may be set from 0.

However longer fingers are adxl202 desirable for several reasons.

By measuring this axl202, the user can verify that the accelerometer is working. This results in adxl202 reduction of the overall sensor area, yet adxl202 larger common beam mass enhances the resolution of the ADXL The outputs adxl202 analog voltage or digital signals whose duty cycles ratio of pulsewidth to period are proportional to acceleration.